Camden Rod & Gun Club

Membership Code of Conduct and Rules



1.              All persons, members, guests, or users of the Camden Rod & Gun Club, Inc. (The club) facilities or property shall respect the property and shall observe the following prohibitions:
(a)   littering including targets, cartridge cases, paper, beverage containers, cans, wood, cardboard, or
        other waste is prohibited.
(b)   shooting of objects other than target material such as buildings, signs, lights, or shooting except
        on target ranges provided is prohibited.
(c)   Misuse of club facilities or equipment is prohibited.
(d)   The club must be cleaned and left clean after each use.

2.      All persons using the club facilities for any reason must sign name, date and time of use into the log

3.      All persons using the club must notify one to the officers as soon as possible after discovering anything broken, damaged, or in need of repair.

4.      At least two people must be present when someone is using a range for shooting purposes.

5.      No member shall give or release combination lock information to anyone who is not a member in good standing of the club in any calendar year.

6.      All persons using the club for any reason shall check the heating system, water system, lights, breaker switches, door locks etc. before leaving the club.

7.      No one shall make an expenditure of club funds without prior authorization from the president or treasurer.

8.      No one shall use the skeet or trap fields without a qualification /safety check for the equipment use to be performed by the range officer.

9.      Use of the indoor pistol range is restricted as follows:

(a)   discharge of shotguns prohibited
(b)   discharge of centerfire rifles is prohibited
(c)   discharge of Thompson-Contenders, Strikers, or similar “handguns”  is prohibited
(d)   use of 22 magnum rimfire is prohibited
(e)   only standard handgun cartridges may be used in the centerfire positions indicated.

10.  No more than five (5) guests may use the club at any time except at club-sanctioned events or club-sanctioned functions.

11.  Membership privileges may be revoked upon the decision of the Executive Board if any member is convicted of a violation of New York State Environmental Conservation law.

12.  Membership privileges may be terminated without cause by decision of the Executive Board if any member willfully or repeatedly violates the above membership code and rules duly adopted and entered into the Constitution and By-Laws.